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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

About The Weather

There's something meteorological about the way that moods change. Sometimes depression lifts like the sun burning off a morning fog. Sometimes it's more like a glacial melt, icebergs breaking up, sometimes it's more dramatic, like a sudden squall blown out to sea.

Either way, I don't complain so long as it goes.

Colours help. Like these beautiful flowers that Anna brought to rehearsal last night, to cheer me up. They match my flat - like my flat now matches me, as if the paisley crawled off my shirt and onto my walls.

Beautiful music helps. Rehearsal last night sounded good, we sounded like a band again. It's important to rehearse often, and keep ourselves in good voice, even if it gets tedious sometimes, it does pay off.

Alcohol doesn't help. But that was such a gorgeous bottle of Argentinian Malbec that perfectly complimented the curry. I should try buying more random wines because I like the labels.


At 9:43 AM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you need is love, love, love!

At 12:35 PM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

the paisley looks cool.

At 10:23 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that colour suits you..seriously

At 11:50 PM GMT, Blogger shinyruby said...

yep, colours are good.

i think i need a couple of flowers to get rid of my black dog too.



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