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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well, that's one lifelong dream I'm never going to be able to acheive now. After 42 years, the BBC is pulling the plug on Top Of The Pops.

I'm going to go to my grave never even having had the chance to go on TOTP.

This makes me almost unspeakably sad. The end of an institution. The death of a dream.


At 9:37 AM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

a pointless waste. it's like cancelling the news. "Sorry, we're just not pulling in the numbers for THE NEWS anymore, time to cancel."
Of course this means I don't have to look at Fearne Cotton anymore, which is a small plus.

At 10:10 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Aw, I like Fearne Cotton. I'd totally go gay for her.

At 10:15 AM GMT, Blogger Andrew Farrell said...

OMG I forgot until now, there's a band about town called "Gay for Johhny Depp"!

At 10:22 AM GMT, Blogger Andrew Farrell said...

(only spelt right)

At 11:28 AM GMT, Blogger Mistress La Spliffe said...

You'd think the merchandising alone could have floated the revenue to keep it on air. Some marketing director was jerking off at the wheel.

At 4:54 PM GMT, Blogger You Need A Mess Of Help said...

I'm glad it's dead. It needed putting out of its misery for good.

At 5:29 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Do you hate fun, Mess?

I mean, this makes me cackle like a sick duck:

At 10:53 AM GMT, Blogger You Need A Mess Of Help said...

I looove fun, me. I'm not anhedonic just yet. However, I don't think TOTP was that much fun. Just loads of depressing music played by people I'd avoid if I saw them in the street.


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