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Thursday, February 18, 2010

After The Happily Ever After Is Over

Well, I am a giant idiot. It'd been so long since I last blogged that I managed to skip a track in my rush to race ahead to the good bits.

Which is just as well, as this is a totally forgettable album track based around a Farfisa riff. The lyrics are standard breakup fare, playing on that common theme in fairy tales and bubblegum lyrics, the "...and they lived happily ever after!" ending which of course is never the end. The "Happily Ever After" of the romance is of course the ending of the woman's story as far as most of art, literature and music is concerned. Get married, shut up, squirt out some babies, and hopefully you'll die in childbirth so we never have to hear of you again.

Except for the moment around 2:01 when the guitar solo kicks in and the song totally transcends its dirty dishwater origins. First one guitar, then a second, in that classic 70's fifth up harmony, weaving in and out of a moog riff that swirls out of the farfisa backing in beautiful stereo, then another guitar and for about 30 seconds, it's one of the most beautiful musical interludes I've ever committed to tape.

And then the last verse comes in with those trademark 4-part (I think this might actually be 5-part) harmonies that I love writing so much.

Perhaps sometime I'll do a remix that takes that tiny guitar solo and builds it into a swhirling cosmic masterpiece. But not today.

After The Happily Ever After Is Over


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