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Thursday, May 12, 2005


I coined a new phrase, last night, tee hee! I told everyone's favourite dandy, Dickon, that someone who has the same hair as you is your Manesake. If he nicks it, I hope he gives me credit!

Anyway, last night Frances and Amy Prior read at a book launch for DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture. It was quite interesting, all about self publishing in the Nu-Media age. I loved her analogies between improvisational music and blog culture, in that they are supposed to be about "freedom" but really come with their own very strict sets of rules and social conventions.

And apparently, this is an Online Journal, and not a blog, according to Frances and Miss AMP. Well, now it's a blog. So there.

The wierdest thing about the evening was paging through the book and discovering that I (or at least my old band) was in it. Had to buy it, even though I generally disapprove of Lo-Fi culture. I believe in DIY passionately, with all my heart and soul. But I believe one should strive to be as technically good as possible with the technology that is available to you. I have no time for deliberate fetishisation of one's own incompetence. (Ha ha, as I said that, I just used spell check for the first time in years.)

It was weird to see people I hadn't seen in years. Horrible memories of Ladyfest. My bandmates think it would be hillarious fun to play. It brings back awkward memories for me - DUG lesbians siding with my wife-beating boyfriend over my band - feminism, yay! But we've all moved on, I hope. Time to lay some ghosts. (The ghosts of horse-shit shovellers, if Kristian is to be believed.)


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