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Friday, December 16, 2005

Mine, All Mine

Alright, so I've moved. I am loving my new house so much. Every time I come home, I bounce around shouting "House! House, house, house!" (Though apparently, according to the land reg, its name is actually "Sizzlers".)

Still don't have much furniture yet, but who needs chairs when you have amps to sit on? I bought a clothes rail and hung up all my lovely Liberty print shirts, and what a lucky woman I am to own all that paisley!

S (who helped me move, bless him) said that apparently owning a house makes a woman seem more desireable. And then reprimanded me "Do NOT fill it up with a bloke just yet, though." Yeah, like where am I going to get one? Order him from the Homebase catalogue along with my paint and my dining room table?

I cannot wait to paint. I've got paintchips all over the floor, trying to figure out exactly the *right* shade of purple.


At 12:41 PM GMT, Blogger AMP said...

Owning a home makes a woman seem more desirable? Why so? Because she seems solvent, in control, responsible? I shall soon find out, for I'm due to complete my property purchase on the 26th Jan 2006. Hooray for property! Hooray for Erno Goldfinger! Hooray for my new flat! I can't wait!

At 1:06 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Hurrah for your new flat! I'm so excited! (Though if your completion is anything like mine, I predict you will not actually complete until the 9th February...)

Two out of four Shimuras are now part of the Landed Gentry! Or, erm, the Mortgaged Gentry, as the case may be!

At 2:01 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the other two are far too broke. There's something to be said for a few extra years...

Anna x

At 1:43 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Hurrah for being in your 30s!

Just you wait, then you can join in the Homelust, too!


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