Shimura Curves

Thursday, April 27, 2006


So some genius (yes, we have googled and we know who you are) has given us a Wikipedia Entry.

I'm vaguely disappointed there's not a disambiguation entry for the *real* Shimura Curves.

I'm coming to the end of Simon Singh's Big Bang and the story is winding down as CMB has been discovered and the Steady State Theory disproved and there are nice pictures of radio telescopes like Jodrell Bank, where my dad used to work back in the 60s when he was doing his PhD. My Ex couldn't sleep unless he had the radio on, turned to the static between radio stations, and he claimed it was because he liked to listen to the lullabye of the Big Bang, but really it was just his tinitus.

When I was a child, I was terrified by the Big Bang, which I knew about from my dad's bedtime stories. I didn't understand that the process of expansion and entropy increasing would take hundreds of millions of billions of years, and I would have nightmares about the galaxies slipping apart, and everything going cold and dark when the sun ran out of nuclear fuel.

When things got really bad between my ex and I, I would lie in bed, listening to the static echoes of the Big Bang, and wondering what would happen when our fuel ran out, and we drifted lightyears apart. (It's not a new metaphor, my astronomy/loneliness thing - it goes right back to the Deep Field stories.) I'm terrified of drifting apart from people, of them slipping out of my gravitational field.

There was more emo crap, but I deleted it. Sick of feeling like this, the fear, the panic that is triggered by getting close to someone.


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