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Friday, July 14, 2006 image

If, by any chance, you are reading this, and you're also a regular - could you do us a favour? Our band picture on there is very old - it features Frances, that's how old it is. I've uploaded one of the lovely Vicki Churchill pictures, and if enough of you head over there and vote for it, that will become our band picture over there. Which will be much better. So please, point your clicks this way, and let's get to show the Shimuras in their lovely red and black and white glory!

I thank you.


At 10:40 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

I don't see the Vicki Churchill photo there? Or maybe because I'm not a Last.FM user.

At 8:22 AM GMT, Blogger AMP said...

No, you need to be signed in to to see the proposed images.

At 12:30 AM GMT, Blogger neri said...

i discovered you on Indie MP3 blog. Really Shimura Curves is great!!! Good taste references and a fantastic sound. I will play you on my airplay radio (Lumen FM 99.5 - here in Brazil.

Neri Rosa


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