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Friday, May 13, 2005

Pink Whine

Yay! First full band rehearsal last night. We drank pink wine and ate Yaarrrrrggggg (Cornish Cheese made from NETTLES!!!) and stacked our lovely harmonies all together like a layercake.

(Oh yes, we also bitched about boys, our jobs, magazines, freelancing, Ladyfeminists, printed fabric and interweb message boards but that's not the important stuff.)

And then the PANIC hit that ohmigod, we actually had a gig in a week and a half, and there was a flurry of rehearsal-planning. (And outfit-planning.) We don't even all know all the songs yet! And about half of them are in a half-assembled state. But I think that's the most fun part of music - the arranging. Especially vocal harmony arrangements.

OPC sends little shivers down my spine, it sounds so spooky - I think I might even like it better without the sequencer track, just acoustic guitar and the Serotonin Choir making spooky lullaby ghost noises. Insecurities Trader has gone all Euro-house-electro with clipped vocals and robot dancing and a metronomic round.

But my favourite song - the one I think will be an absolute show-stopper - is still Magnus. Frances reckons it sounds like Kevin Bletchdom (?). The four-part weaving harmonies at the end, especially when the music drops out and we sing a capella... that, for me, just captures the dizzy, high, happy rush of having a massive crush.

Now it's just time to actually *aquire* a crush...


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