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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Final Fantasy

My Crystal Consultant has gone, so I finally get to eat my lunch and answer email and update my blog again. Why has it been so busy at work lately? Don't they know I'm only here for the free bandwidth?

Back from Brighton (obviously) and in some ways wish I were still back there. I spent a stupid amount of money on a posh hotel though damn, my view could not have been more fine. I watched the waves while I showered, and while I lay in bed writing my diary, and could watch the Steine from the other bed, and if I stood on tiptoes I could see the tips of the Pavilion...

Oh, the Pavilion! I've been to Brighton a dozen times and never visisted! A fantasy or fantasia... ever since I was a child reading Mark Girouard (sp?) books and articles in Country Life, I have wanted to visit it. And found, as an adult, that it was even more magical than I could possibly have imagined. I spent hours wandering around, pretending to be an Austen heroine, shepherded by Captain Anderson or some other Regency Sea Captain (I even bought Patrick O'Neil's Master and Commander in Brighton, I am so ashamed of myself)... but anyway, enough of my perverse fantasies.

It has been a good week for music. Kevin Blechdom was... interesting. The sound was apalling, but the show was fantastic. Very inspiring! Final Fantasy, though. Blimey. Inspired me to shut up and never make another note of music, because I could never be as talented as him. It's kind of a double-edged sword when you see a show *that* good. Reminded me vaguely of Mozart in Amadeus - this skinny, geeky, skinny child with limited social skills, apologetically dashing off genius with the flick of a violin bow. I felt ashamed to call myself a composer.


At 2:32 PM GMT, Blogger AMP said...

Blechdom? Inspiring? Sweet! Can we throw offal around and say 'There's always been a Blechdom element to our music'? Can we dress up as meat, or in meat? Can we sing songs about sinews? Can there be pictures of us on the album sleeve with little cut lines along our bodies, like those books from the fifties that taught new housewifes all about the best fillets of meat? Oh my I am quite beside myself at the thought! This is going to be very, very interesting.

At 4:24 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Errrrr... in short,


I'm still a vegetarian even if none of you lot are. :-)

At 4:08 PM GMT, Blogger Archel said...

Kate! After our conversation in Brighton about the Green Knowe books, I heard on the radio that you can go and visit the REAL HOUSE! Well the one it is based on. Maybe you know this already. Anyway, it's near Huntingdon in Cambs!


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