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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bad Curves Vibes?

So I had a concerned email today from a friend, who noted that I'd been making various remarks about band concerns on the web, instead of talking to my bandmates. The funny thing is, I *do* talk to my bandmates about these concerns (the usual, argh, lateness, argh, we're so disorganised, argh, have we changed the lyrics again) in person. I guess, though, point taken. That I can seem quite negative (about myself as well as others) a lot of the time, and I diffuse that negativity in little comments, so that they don't build up and cause big problems.

Maybe this is not productive, and instead I should comment on and focus on what I love and appreciate about my bandmates. So, I'm going to think of my favourite thing about each of my bandmates.

AMP - I love AMP because she's saucy. No, really, I mean, she's sexy, charismatic, earthy, she's this river of libidinous energy turned into a creative (and highly fun to hang out with) dynamo. I find that attractive.

Anna - I love Anna because she has a way of seeing the positive in every situation, however dire, even if there's nothing good about it, she still manages to see some humour in it, and make us laugh. I find that inspiring.

Marianna - I love Marianna because of her enthusiasm. She gets so excited and caught up in the moment, she shares her most fabulous fantasies, and when she's really into something, there's her great little WHOOP! I find that energising.


At 12:22 PM GMT, Blogger You Need A Mess Of Help said...

That's really sweet, and not in a crap way either.


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