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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Frock Shock

So I appear to have bought a new frock for the Valentine's Day gig! (Actually, I have bought two frocks, but one is for my big, important Black Tie work doo on Friday.) It is red and floaty and sort of paisley-ish. (I am so glad that "boho chic" or whatever is over, so I can go back to wearing my hippie clothes without people thinking I'm trying to emulate some actress/model/whatever.*)

Also, the mixing is done. Well, at least it's at the penultimate phase, which means I still have to put a few more guitars on, and change anything that sounds wrong on other people's stereos and stuff. Emsk reckons it sounds good, and I trust her ears. But this means we should actually have a PRODUCT to give away to our mates sell at the VD gig.

Cover, schmover, it's a white label at this point. Though I'm tempted to scan the lovely housewarming card that Nobody's Prawn made me and use that.

*Though, that said, I utterly *covet* this outfit. It's very Kate Gordon.


At 3:35 PM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

I am more than happy to lend my design "skills" to your cause.

And it is wrong that Sienna Miller is trying to be Kate Gordon. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


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