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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Living Room

Well, some interesting ideas came out of our rehearsal last night.

1) Shimura Pash Fest 2006. No, sorry, ILX Boys, this is not your sexual fantasies about "...and then they all Lez Up!" coming true, but our new club. We all want to play records and DJ more! We all want to hang out with our mates and listen to music! We want to play regular low-key gigs, and maybe invite our friends' bands to play with us. And most of all, we want somewhere to wear our posh frocks. So, clearly, the answer it to start out own club. I know I said "NEVER AGAIN!" after the Sunday Vodka Syndicate, but still.

2) Living Room Gigs. Well, we sort of had an impromptu one last night, when Anna's housemates all came home in the middle of rehearsal. It's always a problem, that no matter how silly and giggly and fun you might be at rehearsals, the moment you have to play in front of other people, you kind of go shy and freeze up. So we need to get used to the idea of other people. Email our manager if you would be interested in the idea of attending, or indeed (if you have a big living room and understanding neighbours) hosting a Shimuras rehearsal.

3) And finally, we have decided that we are in need of a Graphic Designer to design logos, flyers, posters, record covers, that sort of thing. To this end, we've decided to make Mood Boards about what our personal vision for the Shimura Curves is. I've already picked my favourite image, girly and beautiful, but also sexy and scientific and technological


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