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Friday, January 20, 2006

What A Feeling

Blimey, what a drunkened rehearsal. And all after we said about how we were going to start Being Good and adopting a more professional attitude.

Ah well, it was still good from where I was standing, especially with the synchronised dance moves coming along. There was even some major choreography with AMP dancing on top of a chair a la Flashdance!

We listened to the new mixes of Mother (ooh, pretty harmonies! The double tracking! the Step Delay! Go look at MySpace to hear them yourself) We gossipped like fishwives about rubbish ex-boyfriends and hottt new boy toys. And it looks like there shall be exciting new gigs planned soon - including a Valentines Day Massacre Extravaganza!

Glamourous, flashdancing AMPy, yesterday.


At 5:48 PM GMT, Blogger AMP said...

awww! thank you! xxx


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