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Thursday, January 05, 2006


So, hot on the heels of Alex James' announcement that he is going to start collaborating with Betty Boo, the Shimuras have decided to spearhead a revival. Yes, we've finally chosen a cover that we all agree on.

Rehearsal last night was fun. A bit rusty at first, but soon we buckled down to work and surprised ourselves with how good we sounded. AMP's new plan of rehearsing to iPod rather than Reason forced us to crack on and do the songs quickly, with a minimum of fuss between. Also, the "no, honestly, not drinking, dry January" policy of sobriety had a lot to do with it as well! (A bottle and a half of wine were consumed last night, but *after* the singing, not before.)

Everybody sat on Marianna's bed, giggling and trying on fur tippets and telling ghost stories (terrifying both Kate and Anna when an ACTUAL NEIGHBOUR walked by outside the window, and we both nearly jumped out of our skins). Random kinky fact: Marianna has a HORSE WHIP pinned to her wall next to her mirror. Ssshhhh! You didn't hear that from me.

And then we sat around and compared "scenarios" whereby we planned what we'd wear on TOTP, what our costume changes would be, and especially how, when we played our stadium gigs, we would come up onstage popping out of trapdoors rising out of the floor, to the accompaniment of FIREWORKS. We like these scenarios loads.


At 9:49 AM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

When the hell is that record coming out? Frikkin' Alex was supposed to have it out like, TWO SUMMERS AGO!


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