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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Cask of Amontillado

So, at last the HMS Shimura is, indeed, a happy ship again.

Long band meeting last night, about sorting out our demo (no one is happy with their vocals, and we've decided to redo them this weekend) and sorting out gigs and all that sort of thing.

There were coordinated dance moves, and lots of boobie shaking. (Perhaps the ability to boobieshake is one of those recessive genes like tongue-rolling because AMP and Marianna can both do it, but neither Anna nor Kate can. Anna claims it's because she has small titties, but Kate is quite well endowed, and cannot manage the least shake, either.) Oh dear, and we were trying to convince our friends that Shimuras rehearsals were indeed *not* drunken, debauched pash fests.

The damage:
-4 bottles pink wine
-1 bottle red wine
-half bottle of Napoleon Brandy
-half a cask of Amontillado dry sherry


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