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Friday, February 03, 2006


So I'm going to be mixing this weekend. I hate mixing more than just about anything else involved with music creation, but then again, perhaps it's better to do it when you're in a bit of a short, bad-tempered mood, because you'll be less likely to fritter away time, and snap decisions are often the best ones because pop needs that kind of immediacy.

No booze allowed, but plenty of coffee and plenty of chocolate, and snacky grazing food. Our manager is coming by on Sunday afternoon to see where I've got to, but I've unilaterally decided not to invite the other Shimuras. This may seem mean (though, given our current state of indecisiveness over the state of rehearsal arrangements... I wouldn't expect any of them to actually turn up!) but to be honest - although many ears are better, it's better if those ears are not attached to the voices on the record. It's a common problem - when you listen to stuff you're on, you automatically listen more to your own voice. For some people this means they always want to be turned up, for others it means they always want to be turned down. I think I've got to the point where I've been recording my own voice for 20 years now, and it's turned into just another instrument. I hope.

It will probably be good to do something tangible for the band because I'm so frustrated with it right now. I'm having an immense amount of trouble with the work/life balance right now to start with, and the endless meandering of the band decision-making process is making it seem like JUST ONE MORE STRESS being added to my already stressful life.

Anyway. We may be playing a gig at the Luminaire on Valentine's Day. We may also be starting Shimuras Pash Fest at the Bull on Sunday, 26th Feb. At this current moment, I don't actually know for sure. And I'm starting to wonder if I care.

(Especially given the demise of Smash Hits, now we'll never have the chance to realise one of my long-standing ambitions - to be on its cover.)


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