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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

De Tox

So I'm on Day 3 or a 5 Day Detox. Well, not a real detox, but:

-no booze
-no refined sugar
-no bread
-no coffee, in fact, no caffeine except green tea

Physically, I actually feel fine, if a little sleepy after lunch. But psychologically... ohmigod.

I miss sugar. I miss the taste of it, the way it makes everything taste good. I don't miss booze that much. But coffee.. ARRRGGGHGHGHGLLLGGEEEGGGHHH! I'm even dreaming about coffee at this point. Even the smell of coffee from across the room can turn me into a slavering fiend. If it weren't for my willpower, I'd be mugging old ladies to get spare change for a Latte. The taste of it, the smell of it, the lovely warm, full feeling you get when you drink it, like an oral hug. Warm milk has a relaxing effect, while the coffee has a pickmeup and the sugar is like a bonus kick.

There was some talk at the last rehearsal about what Shimuras were doing for lent. Anna is giving up cheese. AMPy and Emsk discussed giving up booze. I was going to do this detox thing for the full 6 weeks, if I could survive a week. I don't know now if I dare...


At 4:54 PM GMT, Blogger Andrew Farrell said...

As an occasional Catholic, I'm always amazed when atheists start paying attention to Lent. Do you/they have a massive blow-out at easter as well?

At 5:00 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Whatever made you think I was an atheist? I'm no such thing.

At 5:17 PM GMT, Blogger Andrew Farrell said...

I didn't think you were, though I wasn't sure, hence the you/they construction. I know Emsk is, and I sort of assume Anna is as well.

At 6:03 PM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

I'm not going to put words in my bandmates' mouths, but I know that Anna has said to me before that she does believe in God. I know AMP was also raised as a Christian, and I think that Emsk is doing it in solidarity.

Even though I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I do rather like the idea of a time of purging and and self denial and reflection. If nothing else, as an exercise in self control. Or perhaps I can't shake the Christian idea that puritanism in limited doses is somehow good for you.

I can't speak for the others, whether they're doing it out of religious sentiment, out of the spirit of self control, or out of the desire to lose a few pounds before swimming costume season... ;-)

At 3:36 PM GMT, Anonymous emsk said...

i'm doing it because i've never tried giving anything up before, i usually just do what i like. ok i gave up meat and fish, but that doesn't count because i didn't really like them much to start off with anyway. occasionally i have a dry week and don't really feel any different, but i'd kind of like to see what happens over a longer period of time. and yeh, i'm giving up crisps because they are full of salt and other bad shit and i eat like 4 or 5 packets a week. crisps will be way harder for me personally to give up than chocolate would...

i am totally having sundays off, though.

At 6:38 PM GMT, Blogger Andrew Farrell said...

Presumably if you gave up chocolate you'd just have to have more coffee to get your caffeine buzz?

At 10:43 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

I am going to have Saturdays off, rather than Sundays, but still.

I have lost HALF A STONE on my detox! OK, most of that was water weight because I was eating so badly before I went on it, but still. I rewarded myself with pretty floaty peacock coloured skirt and silky turquoise vest thing that make me feel like a princess!

At 11:56 AM GMT, Anonymous emsk said...

yay kate!
nah andrew, i don't eat that much chocolate. also i haven't had coffee for 3 days because there isn't any and it's not my turn to buy it... yesterday i had 3 cups of tea - tea tea - instead but this morning i didn't want any and ended up with rosehip.


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