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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Crush Of Shame

Oh dear lord, I'm going to see Carlos Barat's new band tonight. (I've got no idea how to make the blogspot do the little carat thing, sorry.)

The shameful things that lust induces me to do.

I'm so not dressed for this. However, maybe I can hold my copy of i-D in front of me, open, and announce "No, really! I *AM* a fashion model - I normally look like this!"


Yeah, so this didn't happen in the end. We went to the Coal Hole and ate chips and cheese instead.

Ah well, it means I never have to relinquish my fantasy that he was the *talented* one in that band, and that if only he could get rid of the evil junkie, then he would be revealed in all his glorious fabulousness, and they're really secretly great... la la la la la laaaa...


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