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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ha Ha I'm Drowning

Well, I've always had somewhat of a fetish about putting Dirty Dronerock Boys in bathtubs. So, shirtless, scuba diving DDB's - so close and yet so far. Now if only someone could arrange to have him put in a shopping cart, please.

(Yes, I am bored off my tits at work, why do you ask? I've got a to-do list a hundred yards long, but no one is responding to my queries about the report requests. My life is so much easier since I Officially Stopped Caring, but then again, it's kinda dull, too.)


At 3:21 PM GMT, Anonymous mitya said...

In further proof that I am spending too much time on the interwebs, the Shimuras figured in a dream last night, covering "So Little Deserve" by Heavenly. It lacked a little without a bassist, but there were all kinds of sweet harmonies.

At 10:24 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Blimey! No wonder I'm so tired today if we keep making guest appearances in people's dreams! No rest for the wicked!

I heart Heavenly, so that would be cool.


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