Shimura Curves

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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Shimura Curves are a South London band but don't hold that against them. If you can imagine The Pipettes fronting Kraftwerk then you may get a small inkling on how the band sounds. I can also hear hints of Sterolab in there amongst the Jesus and Mary Chain samples. The band consist of Kate (ex-The Lollies), Miss AMP, Marianna, and Anna Fielding. Apart from Kate's guitar the music just comes from the casio banks stored on their powerbook. The band had a certain charm amongst Marianna's sore throat, the heat, Anna's giggles and the computerised beats were just what was needed after the earlier disappointments in the lounge tent (I mean you Harlettes!). The songs are simple affairs although I'm not sure what they were called. Luckily I can recognise some of them from the demos I picked up. The Mary Chain samples on Just Like Friends means it's a standout for me although their ode to chocolate Sticky and Brown glides along smoothly. Shimura Curves - just like, erm, honey!

(thanks to Brainlove for the photo)


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