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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I was watching the Max Carlish/Pete Doherty documentary last night. What a creepy but simultaneously powerful story about the complex relationship between fan and idol and about how so many artists today, whether film makers or rock stars, are really just playing dress up, trying to be their own idols.

The most cringe-worthy moment for me, however, was when Carlish finally got his big moment for his "seduction-rape-sex-mindmeld-interview" and the only question he gets out is "Where did you get your name?" and you could see the flicker of disgust and boredom even through the drugs.

So, under the remote possibility that we might ever have to be interviewed ever again, I am posting these here, so that I might refer potential journalists here, and cause the asking of these questions to be a cause for immediate interview termination.

1) Where did you get your name?

2) How did you meet?

3) What are your influences?


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