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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

National Solo Album Month

NaSoAlMo - ripped off National Novel Writing Month. I am *SO* doing this.

29 minutes of solo material? I could crank that out in a weekend! I sneeze and solo albums come out!


At 10:26 AM GMT, Blogger acb said...

I tried doing NaSoAlMo last year; I managed about 15 minutes of material, most of which was unfinished.

This year, having a job and such, I suspect I won't do it.

At 10:51 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Go on, give it a try. It's really easy to bash out solo material! It's teaching it to a band and finding the time to record it that's hard.

At 5:09 PM GMT, Blogger acb said...

I know it is. I could bash out 30 minutes of beats and sequences in an afternoon. It'd be rubbish unless I spent the time to let each track grow and evolve, wherein lies the rub.

Having lyric-writing block doesn't help either.


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