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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Love My Wah

Ohmigod, I love my wah.

Last night, after dinner, I hooked up all of my pedals... OK, not all of my pedals because I don't actually have enough guitar cables to hook them all up, let alone power supplies. I hooked up about six of my pedals, and played around with the new V-Wah. In order - two distortion pedals (overdrive set to mild crunch, Big Muff set to SUPERFUZZ), phaser, wah, delay... OH EM EFFIN' GEE.

Wah is one of those things that it makes quite a difference which way around you have the order. This is a trick that Jo from Happy Hollisters taught me - it' makes the difference between sounding like "a room with a wah in it" or "a WAH with a room in it." Clearly, I prefer the latter.

I can tell that this is something I am going to have to practise - and possibly find some kind of support, to keep me from developing RSI in my ankles. It's kinda tricky, synching up your fingers and legs. I mean, this is the reason I was never a good drummer - I just can't get my limbs to operate separately, rhythmicly.

Ooh, hurrah, just got offerer another gig. Must cut short my pedal joy.


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