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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pre-Truck Review

With a name like Shimura Curves you might have expected math-rock (you knew it was the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem, didn’t you, number geeks?). It’s actually laptop pop with a big dose of Jesus and Mary Chain distortion pedal which confuses the senses in a good way. Normally a fourpiece but today three girls and a pepper plant (don’t ask…) they sing and dance to the electro rhythms of ‘I Capture the Castle’ and have probably penned the only paean to asparagus in ‘Sticky and Brown’ (I heard it as 'asparagus' though it seems about chocolate and may have been announced in a chocoholic's denial moment*). I have a personal prejudice about songs about horrible Hoxton (‘Mother’) but equilibrium is more than reestablished with the Strokes-meet-synths metronymic mash of ‘My Friend’. Their forthcoming single on Brainlove Records will definitely be worth hearing.

*Actually, I said Artichokes (in reference to "Atoms For Peace" but what's a vegetable between friends?)

Also, backstage photo by Jill:


At 6:39 PM GMT, Blogger Tom said...

Two photo's posted and you still cannot see me despite being near the front. That's lucky for your site's guests then!

Seriously though is there anyway of getting hold of the single without joining the brainlove singles club?

At 9:50 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just put up the rest of the photos here.

you were fab!


At 10:15 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Yay, thanks Bob!

Tom, in *theory* we're supposed to be getting a bunch to sell ourselves - however, if you just want the song on CD, the extended version is on the Shimura Curves Play Truck compilation - we do have a couple of these left, though they're going fast - email me on for details about how to get one.

At 8:05 PM GMT, Blogger Tom said...

I've got that - I didn't realise the single was on it - doh!

At 10:07 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Ah, cool! Stronger is the track on the single.


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