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Thursday, May 19, 2005


We had a "proper rehearsal" last night - i.e. downstairs in the living room (even though we're really an "in your bedroom singing into a hairbrush" sort of a band) standing up and dancing around. I, however, was still trapped sitting down to play guitar, but that meant that I had the enviable position of getting to watch my own band. It's amazing how quickly we have turned into a *BAND* - spontaneous dance routines and naturally stacking 4-part harmonies. It's a wierd and magical thing, when that chemistry actually happens and you turn from four disparate people to an entity.

Even though we all have very different taste in music, we seem to have similar reference points - sometimes with hilarious consequences when all three of my bandmates spontaneously burst into Bananarama routines. But then again, that's *why* I'm in a band with these ladies. I kind of chose the coolest people I knew (who could actually sing) - assembling the band like an 18th Century Salon of interesting and creative people who looked like they *belonged* onstage.

We started joking about archetypes and roles, but the problem is one instinctively goes for established groups. We don't conform to any "Spice Girls" roles. We can't quite fit into the Sex And The City or Desperate Housewives gangs. So I'm going to have a go at throwing around some roles and seeing who can match the archetype to the girl:

The Rebel Dandy - "You don't follow fashion, that'd be a joke, you set them set them, so everyone can take notes."

The Voluptuary - sensual and sensuous, wants to experience - feel, taste, smell, see, hear - everything.

The Mystic - part magician, part court composer, holds the gang together like magic and ritual.

The Scientist - the world is her laboratory, cutting and pasting and splicing and experimenting.

(I am so dead if my bandmates read this. But hey, we can market Shimura Curves tarot cards or something.)


At 1:24 PM GMT, Anonymous Anna said...

I think I have this sussed Kate...


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