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Friday, June 24, 2005

Midnight In The Garden Of Harmony & Complexity

First rehearsal in a month last night.

The weather was so nice, we dragged the laptop and a guitar amp out into the garden and sat out there, singing as the sun set. Pink wine and pizza and ice cream. Rehearsal more like a picnic than a performance. I like it.

We weren't nearly as out of practice as I thought we would be. That sounds awful, oh me of little faith, but I'm used to the first rehearsal after a long break sounding like a dog's dinner. We didn't. We sounded so lovely that my housemate commented on how nice it was the next morning at breakfast.

So I guess my plans backfired, and what started as a "f*ck you, you want to know about noise?" to my Chavvy Lumpenproletariat (I've been told Chav is a classist term, so I'm substituting the Marxist term) neighbours actually ended up entertaining the whole block. Maybe we can get a little PA... and a marquee... and start giving impromtu performances at weekend BBQs around St. Leonard's. School Fetes and Church fairs and family picnics, oh yes.

But now we're thinking about becoming a Proper Band. And actually recording and getting a manager and stuff. I think it's obvious who we want to manage us - I approached her in the past, about managing a different band. Someone I absolutely adore, and have got on with through thick and thin - and who I trust implicitly, because I know she is philosophically and ethically Sound. And also, who "gets" it.

Right, now I'm off to a training session on the new systems. Hurrah.


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