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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Under The Weather

Subdued rehearsal last night. Frances was still ill, which put a bit of a damper on things, Anna was feeling otherwise and Miss AMP spent the whole rehearsal sitting on my bed riffling through my stash of pornography back issues of Country Life.

Because Frances couldn't sing, she picked up my bass and started jamming out. Excellent - taking on a new RAWK/bad funk (a la mid-period New Order) direction, tee hee. So the gingers sat on the bed and had fake hissy fits at one another.

I played them the new songs - Noyfriend was much appreciated for its "Klaus Dinger"ness. (sp?) We reckon we need to translate the lyrics into German. Lambeth fared less well - they reckonned it sounded like the soundtrack to an educational film. So perhaps I'll try to go a bit more Film Boards of Canada with it (the educational nature films, not the band).

All three bottles of pink wine got drunk in the end. Even the Strawberry Wine. Yum.


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