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Monday, August 22, 2005

Krautrock By The Yard

So I wrote two new songs yesterday! Well, not really wrote, as they were songs that had been kicking around in my head for ages, but yesterday I finally got them arranged and down, sequenced, on the laptop. What a productive weekend.

One is called Noyfriend, about indie boys who cannot bear to actually use the terms "boyfriend/girlfriend" let alone admit they are actually in a relationship. Although it's rampant in most members of the male sex, it's worse in indie boys and music geeks. Perhaps because they spent most of their time arguing about micro-genres of Grime vs. Crunk or whatever that they want to experience every micro-gradation of the modern "relationship" from fuckbuddy to friends-with-benefits without ever having to have the bother of using an emotionally loaded term like "Boyfriend". Who knows.

Anyway, Noyfriend is an obvious Neu! pastiche so I spent all afternoon listening to the first 10 seconds of Super over and over, trying to get exactly the right two bars of motorik drums to repeat over and over again. It's funny, because I always thought - perhaps due to the solemn po-facedness of the people who usually play Krautrock - that it was a particuarly difficult type of music to write or play. This is a lie. I've discovered it's so utterly easy to write Krautrock - you make it like the British Navy made ships, build them by the mile and saw off as needed. Mein Gott. What a racket. (In both senses of the word.)

Then there's The Grain Of Sand In Lambeth That Satan Cannot Find which is, erm, a Shimura Curves pastiche. I'm worried that I'm starting to plagiarise myself at this point. It's got some lovely banjo ding-ding-ding bits. But then I ran out of ideas, so I found myself sticking on the bassline from Lost Rivers Of Clerkenwell and the drumkit from Thoughtworm. I don't know. I'm hoping that Frances will write a real bassline for it. Perhaps I'm not plagiarising myself, perhaps it's just consistency in terms of our aesthetic style. Yeah, that's it.

Also, there's talk of a gig at Cargo. I'm excited because I really like Cargo as a venue. Nice loos, too.


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