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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Would You Buy A Second Hand Band From This Woman?

I feel that I should write something about the band for a change, rather than rambling on about my silly life, and problems, and the quirky beauty of Captain Anderson Jared Harris and his amazing pointy nose...

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...whoops, sorry, slipped for a moment there, what was I saying?

Oh yes, the band. We seem to have aquired ourselves a manager, in the person of Emma. This is quite good, as she is, in fact, made of rock'n'roll. I can't believe our luck, really, as I felt a bit like I was persuading her to buy a second hand car, going, "well, we're a bit disorganised, and we can be a bit rubbish, and, like, you're really good at this stuff and really respected in the British music scene, and erm, what with your being made of rock'n'roll and all..." Emma did press for Ver Lollies for years and years and I really credit her with a great deal of the success we had. She's completely brilliant at that kind of stuff, she's got amazing taste in music, and she's so philosophically and ethically sound I trust her completely.

I was trying to play it down in the pub last night and all because I was faintly embarrassed about my own enthusiasm (god, I have become so English) but I'm very, very pleased about this. It's comforting and inspiring to feel like you're part of such a magnificent team. Not just dead cool bandmates who happen to be your good mates, but dead cool people working with you. Who also happen to be your good mates. Rock!

(Sometimes I'm just flabbergasted that these people let me hang out with them. Heh.)


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