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Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Will Heal, Given Time

I haven't updated my blog in a while. I look at it, and read that last post, and any other whinging or complaining just seems to trivial in comparison. This has put a bit of perspective on my usual emotional cr*p. But perhaps too much perspective.

Today on the bus, I had a fragment of a song stuck in my head. I was thinking about 9/11, about surviving that, about surviving the loss and the fear, and counselling for PTSD and how after a couple of years and some therapy, I was able to stop crying every time a plane went overhead.

The phrase "I know that this will heal, given time..." kept going through my head, and I couldn't place it. I knew it so well, it seemed burned into my mind, the hesitant tone of voice, the orchestral swell of horns at the end. But a total blank. I wanted to ask on ILM if anyone could identify it, and trying to describe it, I thought "Fey male singing, shoegazery music... total Kate music..."

And a minute later, I realised it was Spiritualized, Broken Heart.

I couldn't listen to music for weeks after 9/11. But that was one of the first records I played.


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