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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blast From The Past

A 3-year old thread on ILM about Women In Electronic Music brought up these nuggets:

From Me:

Here's an odd reason that will probably be shouted down (by myself) due to sexism. The very nature of dance music/electronics is the idea of one geek, alone in the bedroom twiddling knobs. (or up in a DJ booth twiddling knobs.) Geeks - women in the minority. Knobs - OK, I've just been looking at Barely Legal Teen Boys so I'm gonna steer clear of that one. But the way that women approach music is a communal thing, women often prefer to write in partnership, so the solo bedroom twiddling thing is not the preferred option. I'm too full of sugar to hone this into a fully formed opinion right now, but does anyone else know what I'm getting at?

It's just the way that I've seen women work when they create music, from having worked with so many of them...

From Anna:

Making electronic music is often a lonely and anti-social process, no other band members, much less interaction with your audience. It's not just that it puts off a lot of women, but is does seem to attract a particular kind of boy (yes, boy, not man)

Supreme irony that the two of us would end up in an electronic band several years later.

But it does kind of bring up something that came up in therapy (oh god, how Woody Allen did that sound) the other day. About why Being In A Band was so important to me. The sense of belonging, of having a community, people who are on my side, we're all in it together, etc. etc. etc. That's the thing I'm so afraid of losing. Which is also ironic because my fear and paranoia is generating the hostility which is threatening it. From Woody Allen to Yoda in one blog post. That's enough.

Back to my SQL. I've finally got given a laptop today! Who knows when they will actually hook it up...


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