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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Small Pleasures

Two things made me smile today:

1) I solved a wickedly difficult problem in Crystal Reports. I want to do the butt dance around the office.

2) Captain Anderson from To The Ends Of The Earth. My god, he's HOTT!!!


At 10:34 PM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

Who IS this man???

At 8:38 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Captain Anderson. From To The Ends Of The Earth. My god, isn't he just fantastic in his stormy broodingness, thrusting forrard his minatory jaw and sinking the sullen mass of his face upon it?

Last night, he stomped about the Quarterdeck in his unmentionables! I was overcome!

At 9:01 AM GMT, Blogger Catty said...

He looks like the count from Moulin Rouge!
...who played Dracula in VAN HELSING, therefore = HOTT!
but not as the count. 'cause he was grosse.

At 11:44 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

I'm trying to remember who played Dracula in Van Helsing. If it's who I think it was, he was also HOTT.

Captain Anderson is played by Jared Harris, who, interestingly enough, also played Warhol in I Shot Andy Warhol and the loathesome Russell in Igby Goes Down. Neither of whom I fancied at all.

But Captain Anderson... my god. What a man! I've even been reading the book, I'm so enthralled.

At 11:52 AM GMT, Blogger Masonic Boom said...

Richard Roxburgh.

Also hott, but I don't really see the resemblence. Apart from the glower.


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