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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wuthering Heights

Well, we had our Dress Rehearsal at the Premises last night (always weird for me because the boy that the Lollies track Channel Heaven is about works there) with a BIG ROOM and A REALLY LOUD PA and, best of all, A STAGE.

Bit of a wonky start because it took me ages to set up, and none of my new pedals (yes, I got Electro Harmonics Memory Man and Smallstone and a Danelectro Tuner) wanted to work so I got a bit cranky and shouty, (and poor Frances had to go back and get a power supply for the Mac cause I forgot mine) but when we finally did get it all worked out, wow, we sounded like a real band! We changed the set order around a bit to try and disguise the fact that we haven't learned the new songs yet. And sang some of our more problematic songs (Insecurities Trader and Thoughtworm) over and over and over until we finally worked them out, and they were lovely.

There was lots of synchronised dancing and bad 80s pop (I am shocked - SHOCKED! - that Frances actually knows all the words to cheesy Whitney Houston songs) and impromtu Kate Bush covers and ballet moves - I really really really hope that these things happen onstage on Saturday night! Well, apart from the Whitney bit. But still. And we took the mics off the stands and practised wandering around - well, some of us were better at it than others. When I chucked my mic stand across the room and started rolling around on the floor, I got quite severely told "Kate, you're not on tour with the Stooges any more!" Humph.

And as we were all patting ourselves on the back and saying "well done, we got lots of things accomplished!" someone helpfully pointed out that it was the first rehearsal we'd done *sober* in, well, ever. Hrmmm, perhaps I should carry on with this detox thing.

Anyway. Excited for the gig now!


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