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Friday, November 04, 2005

When you're a band...

You wear matching outfits!

I think it's a fantastic sign of band synergy/aesthetic alignment that we're starting to dress similarly without planning it. It's one thing to kind of sit down and *plan* on a look or an aesthetic, but even better when it develops of its own accord. So here are the Shimura ladies sitting around a cafe in Paris, discussing the finer points of writing.

Well, not really. We're sitting around AMP's living room, singing lovely 4-part harmonies over several bottles of wine. All of us had had horrid transport nightmares but after some lovely pizzas, a glass of red wine and some joyous singing, we are all laughing and having a wonderful time.

I finally managed to get Reason installed on AMP's computer, even though she doesn't have enough memory to run Stronger with its full string quartet solo at the end. And the harmonies are really starting to gel now. Marianna on Contralto, Anna on Alto, myself (I am going to have to change my name to Marie, it is reckonned) on Second Soprano and AnneMarie on Treble Soprano and descant. There was even a special guest appearance from Frances, teaching AMP the harmonies on Mother.


At 3:28 PM GMT, Blogger Lex said...

That's totally awesome.


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