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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How the bloggers saw it...

Nothing But Green Lights:

Shimura Curves | Relaxed All Girl Lap-pop harmony. The predatory dance of a London girl wielding a Casio mind-warp device and a wah-wah pedal.

Oxford Bands:

All-girl outfit Shimura Curves force us into gently joyful convulsions to their marvellously sugary sweet pop and mellow harmonies. Led by a simple drum loop on a laptop and straightforward chords dipped in lovely warm effects from guitarist Kate St.Claire, they put in a charming performance capped by some disarmingly girly dance routines.

Clean Skies:

Saw: Shimura Curves and Anat Ben David. Girly electropop/art-rock with clever words and infectious beats. Very enjoyable the both.

Maps Magazine:

so it's over to the Lounge Tent for the sparkly Shangri-Las meets casio keyboards pop of Shimura Curves. I'm slightly apprehensive about reviewing them, as they count amongst their number some of my favourite music writers - suffice to say they're ace and you should go and see them at the next available opportunity.

Sweeping The Nation:

If Emmy is the wolf pawing away at the wooden exterior of the preset female singer-songwriter door, back in the Lounge tent Shimura Curves are the electro black sheep of this apparent Girl Group Revival. Turning scrappiness into an artform in the way Girlfriendo used to do before they turned tail and became Love Is All, the four women something-akin-to-harmonise to Powerbook loops and the odd distorted guitar. It's probable they don't yet have a better song than the Mary Chain-reappropriating Just Like Friends that was much loved around here from their Myspace and the don't-say-twee charm of the live show perhaps doesn't translate in this atmosphere but there's something going on here that'll split opinion but very much be worth watching over time, for our money. It's also a much more agreeable use of female vocals over electronic methods than the touted Persil will deliver over on the Truck stage later, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

OK, that's as far as I got down Google before the links degenerated into truck-driving mathematicians talking about the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture...


At 12:02 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people seemed to approve:

"Then it’s Shimura Curves in another hot tent; all four are present this week and there’s another set of songs that are by turns funny, biting and tender, mixing up harmonies, electro beats and neat guitar effects that destroy any preconceptions you might have about “girl groups”."

At 8:05 AM GMT, Blogger AMP said...

thank you! hadn't spotted that one.


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