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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Fine Art Of Missing The Point

So this finally is starting to feel like *my* life again. No job, no boyfriend - but a kickass band worth pouring my entire heart and soul into. Great friends gathered around me, all having a fantastic time.

And what am I doing at the end of the night? I'm fretting over possibly having said the wrong thing to and mistakenly chucked a drink over my Semi-Unrequited Crushboy. I have missed the point completely, again.

I spent so much of The Lollies doing this. How many gigs did I waste obsessing over the C6 boys instead of concentrating on my own accomplishments? The entire Ladyfest Tour was ruined by me letting a boy come between me and my band. Even the greatest night of my life - supporting the Bangles at Shepherds Bush - I was upset over a boy and not paying attention to what I had just achieved myself.

This is missing the point! The point was, it was a great gig. I love my band. I love my friends. A great time was had by all - including Crushboy, who wasn't upset, in fact, was even proud. He said the loveliest thing to me when I was stressing out before the gig - offered to be the angel sitting on my shoulder, shrink himself down and sit in my pocket, and tell me that I'm great, and that everything is going to be fantastic whenever I start to get stressed or get a bit down.

This *is* my life. This *is* me. This is what I do. I feel happy, and proud of our accomplishments. And looking forward to more!


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