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Monday, September 05, 2005

Load of Bull (and Gate)

Hurrah to everyone who came down to the Bull and Gate on Saturday! Hurrah to Fractured for inviting us to play! Hurrah most of all to The Lex for being our super-gay-disco-dancer, with lovely orange feather boa and everything.

Anna and I arrived on the same train, scuppering those "shoe disaster" rumours forever. Lots of backstage cameraderie with the Roktor C, lots of girly giggling as we got dressed and shared glitter. Miss AMP rocked the Saucy Secretary look, while Frances went for the Psychedelic Housewife look in her hooded Kaftan. Anna was a doll-like cocktail hostess while I tried for the early 60s Marianne Faithful look with a frankly terrifying display of Liberty-print wrapped cleavage. ("I'm not staring to be pervy, honest," said Anna. "I'm just jealous!")

The first band cancelled so fortunately not only was there no Croydon dub, but we got to soundcheck and go onstage at a leisurely pace, with a good warm-up singing "Ma Made Me Mow The Moon" in the dressing room.

I flubbed guitar riffs left and right, and even started singing the verse in completely the wrong place in one song, but energy levels were high, the sound was fantastic, and everyone was bubbly and giggly and feeling fun. I kept looking over and seeing my bandmates dancing like an electro-clash Three Graces. Our harmonies were spot-on and lovely; there were moments when it sounded like we were singing with one voice - spine-tingling!

Fractured were fabulous - hillarious and fun - big, catchy pub-rock anthems with witty lyrics ("We're The Support Band" was the highlight for me). I totally envied Dr. C his cool harpsicord/electric piano sample sound.

They had neither pink wine, nor big bottles of wine at all, indeed! So we all had to make do with little tiny personal bottles of wine. Some people got snogs in the bar, some people perved over random pointy-nosed blond boys, and our manager passed out on a table. Rock AND roll!


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