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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Brown and Sticky

So I used my sick day yesterday to sit in bed and compose, struck by the sudden fear that I'd signed up for NaSoAlMo and hadn't done a lick of work on it yet. Wrote one new song which sounds a bit... Montreal and dusted off some old lyrics and a drum loop for a song called Brown and Sticky. Wrote a new bassline which is PURE FILTH and away we go. It's heavily inspired by the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Archies, in that bubblegum double entendre way that it sounds like it could be about drugs or kinky sex when, really, it *is* actually about chocolate.

So it was fitting that I got to rehearsal last night (somewhat abbreviated due to AMP's cat disaster) to find that Marianna had made the most AMAZING CHOCOLATE TART!!! M has hidden depths, it seems - not only is she a rich contralto, but she is an amazing cook. Courgette pie and chocolate hazlenut tart. Luxury indeed. I managed two huge slices before going into hypoglycaemic shock. The darkest, most chocolately dark chocolate heavily laced with BOOZE... sorry, I'm starting to drool again, just thinking about it. I shall dedicate Brown and Sticky with its pure filth bass to Marianna's tart.


At 7:58 PM GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

day off sick? with a rehearsal & chocolate cake in the evening?

might have to buck your ideas up now you're a houseowner (almost) :)

At 3:13 PM GMT, Blogger acb said...

I thought it was about a brown stick.

Btw, are you up for meeting up and comparing NaSoAlMo notes?


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