Shimura Curves

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Plan B

OK, the problem wasn't getting Plan B to pay attention... the problem was finding a Plan B writer (who liked girlpop) who hadn't actually *been* in Shimura Curves. The Lex admirably steps up to bat:

Also having relationship difficulties is Kelly Rowland – but she can at least comfort herself with the fact that the astonishing ‘Gotsta Go’ (Sony) is the first song on which she’s convinced as a viable solo artist. Over fuzzy crunk synths, she delivers an imperious vocal performance, her contralto quivering as the song builds to its stunning wordless hook: a “WO-OH! WO-OH! WO-OH! WO-OH!” filled with fire and ice and pride and dread, Rowland tearing herself in two because she loves him but knows she has to leave him.

She could do worse than taking a leaf out of Shimura Curves’ book. ‘Stronger’ (Brainlove) is the sound of scales falling from their eyes and blossoming into gorgeously pretty harmonies and twinkling music box melodies. The ladies about town intone the killer line – “My sin wasn’t that I was angry or was hateful; it was that you wanted to save me, and I wasn’t grateful” (cue climactic, swelling strings) – with serenity and self-sufficiency, and the song takes its place with ease alongside those other pop anthems to female emotional liberation of the same title by Britney and the Sugababes.


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