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Monday, November 14, 2005

I Nearly Forgot the continuing saga of former crushes, by some weird twist of fate, the support band for AiH was Absentee, Dan Clark's new outfit. It was really strange watching them, watching him. I felt like a vessel that passion had once flowed through, but felt empty. God, I once made such a fool of myself over him. I thought the earth and sun and heavens revolved around him. Now I feel nothing, except the absence of feeling. After the goldcrush. Heh.

They weren't what I expected at all. Actually, they were kind of dull and over-polished, like all the interesting bits had been sanded out. He only played his wonderful, spasmotic, ostrich-guitar leads on a couple of songs, which made me sad, as that was what I liked best about the Channel Six. He still has a sexy voice. And has finally overcome his asslessness with a pair of braces.

Life sure is weird, but what else have I to know?

Addendum: I need a new crush. Seriously. To stop me from going all gooshy over sweater models in the Guardian. But oh my lord, was he pretty or what?


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